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Henley Updates November13/14 2004

Yarra Floods after heavy rain. Peak Yarra Level upstream of Henley was 2.91m at 5am on Sunday 14/11/04.

Nov 14, 6 hours after Yarra reached 2.91m at Yering. River had broken its bank on the far east side of the flood plain and at the south. Major concerns include possible pumping of Lake A to reduce water levels which are at very high levels. No work can proceed within this area until water levels are reduced.

November 14. Recent plantings now submerged. Note sediment disturbance in foreground.

November 14, 6 hours after Yarra River reached 2.91m. At this point on the eastern side of the floodplain, the river was very close to overflowing. Another few centimetres of river height would have seen the Yarra emptying out across the eastern floodplain. It appears that this area is most at risk of flood events. What would happen if the river was running at 3.5m?

November 14: Engorged natural billabong (Lake E) almost running over levee. Yarra Valley Golf want to gouge another lake in very close vicinity to this natural billabong when phase 2 of the works commences. If the company had started work at this location during this recent flood event, the Yarra River would have faced an extremely high risk of excessive sedimentation.


November 14: Far south eastern portion of the floodplain. Remarkably the Federal Government Department, Environment Australia has just permitted Yarra Valley Golf Ltd to build a turf grass nursery in this approximate location of the floodplain.

November 14: Billabongs on the eastern side of the floodplain.

November 14: Note high water volume in Lake A. One hopes that pumping of highly turbid water from this Lake does not occur. Where will the turbid water be pumped too?

Nov 14: View looking south east


Nov 14: View looking south along eastern side of Henley Property

Nov 14: Legoland in background. Recent plantings now submerged. One wonders about pesticide residues from weed management at this location.

Nov 14: Yarra running over bank on east of floodplain. In the background, is where Environment Australia has approved a turf grass nursery to be located, which will contain herbicides and fertilisers.


Nov 14: Flood water on the eastern side of the floodplain.

Nov14: Approximate location for the 17th hole on eastern side of course. Are these bunds strong enough to withstand flood waters moving over flood plain from east?

Nov 14: Water engorged excavations

Nov 14: Flooded revegetation plantings.

Nov 14: Dual lane golf course bridge over the Yarra River. An erosion hotspot.

Nov 14: Mirvac constructed club house and hotel in background.

November 13: Recent vegetation removal near Oxbow billabong - ready for replanting.

Nov 13: Floodwaters linking back into oxbow billabong. Has herbicide residues from plantings entered Oxbow billabong?

Nov 13: Submerged seedlings.

Nov 13: A very full looking dam at the top of the 13th hole and gully. Water has already overflowed from this dam causing erosion problems along the recently sanded 13th fairway.

Nov 13: Note obvious erosion on 13th hole which was built on a natural drainage line. Overflow from dam has made this problem worse.

Nov 13: Remedial work on creek crossing near 12th hole. Another deluge has made this sediment abatement unworkable. 5 hay bales worth $5 each won't stop poor engineering problems along this gully. This crossing is a disgrace.

Nov 13: Blowouts and erosion of sand on the 13th hole

Nov 13: Sediment traps on 13th hole in a vain attempt to stop erosion and scouring of recently laid sand occurring.

Nov 13: Erosion hotspot on 13th hole. Most sand at this location has been washed away by innappropriate drainage problems.

Nov 13: Erosion problems just under dam face wall on 13th hole.

Nov 13: 13th hole erosion controls after heavy rain.

Nov 13: Note extremely turbid water in excavated lake system. One hopes that efforts to reduce the water within this area, do not lead to pumping of turbid water into Yarra River. One also hopes that the temporary bunds/levees can hold this amount of water.

Nov 13: Eastern side of the floodplain. Also note turbid water in natural billabong.

Nov 13: Hole 17 will be built to the right of the levee on this photo. Can this area withstand flood waters coming in from the east?

Nov 13: Submerged plantings.