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Midway Plantations Pty Ltd

Otway Ranges January 2007.

Otway Ranges January 2007: This charming vista is what one sees off Upper Gellibrand Road looking south west. Approximately 300 hectares of pine plantations lie on the southern side of the road in the Gellibrand River catchment. The Gellibrand catchment supplies over 50,000 people in south west Victoria with drinking water. Not only will the Gellibrand cop a reduction of flow once the new trees take root (possibly averaging over 1ML of water per hectare/yr [300 million litres per year]), but the River will also have to cope with both the sediment loss off site, probably thousands of tonnes, as well the residues of herbicides and fertilisers used on the plantations. Pesticides used by Midway can be seen here. Fertilisers used on site probably include Incitec Pivot 2006/CB, which contains heavy metals such as cadmium 100g/kg, lead 50mg/kg and mercury 2mg/kg. Fluoride is also contained at 125g/kg. In terms of heavy metals the label states; 'Use of this product may result in Cadmium and/or Lead and/or Mercury residues in excess of the Maximum Permitted Concentration (MPC) in plant and animal products and may also result in accumulation of these residues in soils.

Otway Ranges January 2007: Another stunning view of the Gellibrand River catchment, this time off Bridge Track, looking south east.


Otway Ranges January 2007: A view of recent logging in the Gellibrand River catchment, looking north into allotments 4 and 4D parish of Barramunga.

Otway Ranges January 2007: A view looking into allotment 78B Parish of Barramunga, which flows into the Gellibrand River just upstream of Stevensons Falls camping area.

Otway Ranges January 2007: A view looking north into allotment 78B Parish of Barramunga which was logged by Midway Plantations in 2006.

Otway Ranges January 2007: A landslip occurring after recent clearfelling in 78B Parish of Barramunga.

Look what lies downstream, a trashed creek crossing.

Otway Ranges January 2007: Probably allotment 4B Parish of Barramunga in the Gellibrand River Domestic Water Supply Catchment.


Otway Ranges January 2007: Gellibrand River looking west. A crown reserve of 30 metres each side of the Gellibrand River is supposed to exist at this location. The company that preceeded Midways, Smorgons Forest Industries obviously avoided taking any notice of the reserve and planted along it.

Otway Ranges January 2007: Gellibrand River looking west after logging of the 30 metre crown reserve by Midways and subsequent replanting of native vegetation by Corangamite Catchment Management Authority in 2006. At this location the reserve was full of weeds.

Otway Ranges January 2007: One year old bluegum taking root in allotment 77A Parish of Barramunga. A buffer of sorts has been left here in places, although it appears that the drainage line could have been sprayed. This drainage line enters the Gellibrand River via a 20 metre high waterfall.

Another drainage line.

Otway Ranges January 2007: This stunning view is what greets tourists as they eat picnics at the Sabine Falls Picnic Reserve. Parish of Wongarra.

Otway Ranges January 2007: Farmland off Gravel Pit Road east of Gellibrand which Midways/Macquarie Bank want to spray and plant out with bluegums. In December local residents and Midways ended up in VCAT fighting over the merits of establishing more plantations in the Gellibrand River catchment. The residents lost.

October 2007: The Gravel Pit Road site has now been sprayed and planted out.

Otway Ranges January 2007: Midway plantations in Roadknight Creek catchment. This photo was also taken from the Upper Gellibrand Road, looking north. Midway has almost 500ha of plantations in this catchment, which flows into the Barwon River.