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Norske Skog Albury Paper Mill - Wastewater Management.

Where ~40% (265,000 tonnes/yr) of Australian newsprint is sourced from.

April 4 2011: TCT dismayed at Norske Skog’s quick and dirty Forest Stewardship Council certificate

Norske Skog Mill, located north of Albury NSW.

Norske Skog Green Offsets Project

Assessment Report Norske Skog Albury Paper Mill - Wastewater Management

Maps of Victorian Plantations Feeding the Albury Pulp Mill

The Paper Mill dumps 1500 tonnes of salt and poisonous chemicals (Sodium Hydroxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sodium Silicate, Cadmium, Mercury) per year.

The Paper Mill will supposedly "remove" 3000 tonnes of salt from Billabong Creek per year at a plant 50km to the north of Albury.

The Billabong Creek eventually runs into the Murray River, approximately 400km downstream, past Swan Hill. The Billabong Creek, north of Walla Walla (the interception point) runs for 200km, and then is called The Moulamien Creek. It then runs into the Edward River before the town of Moulamien. The Edward River then runs into the Wakool River at Kyalite. The Wakool River runs another 22km and enters the Murray River, so with a BIG stretch of the imagination, you could say that the Billabong Creek runs into the Murray River.

At the spot where Norske Skog say they will remove 3000 tonnes of salt per year, there is a pump running constantly, pumping fresh water up from 80 metres and running the water through a 4 inch black plastic hose pipe into a pool in the Billabong Creek. The theory is that the salt is near the surface of the creek bed and the clear water will hold the salt down. So no salt is being removed.

You will notice in the Assessment Report, the paper mill constantly refers to removing these outrageous amounts of salt. Nearly 10 tonnes per day!!! Apparently the salty area of Billabong Creek covers approximately 3km in length.

There are a few loopholes in this Assessment Report. eg on page 3,

"...Impacts to be offset in the same area"??

1500 tonnes of Salt and Chemicals are dumped into the Murray system at Albury, but Billabong Creek runs out into the Murray at Piambie, 50km downstream from Swan Hill. Albury to Piambie is over 400km apart. Why is this called the same area?

Google Earth image showing location of paper mill in relation to new 'desal site' on Billabong Creek

Same Pollutant?

Norske Skog Effluent: Sodium Hydroxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sodium Silicate, Cadmium, Mercury etc

Billabong Creek: Sodium Chloride (natural ground salt)

Same Period the Impacts Occur?

If the creek is flowing, time for the Murray River to travel over 400km's.

Increase in Flow?

Where is the increase in flow? Water is drawn out of the Murray, run through the paper mill, some water is lost in steam. The same water is run back into the river, less the water lost in steam.

The Billabong Creek is not running in the area that is salty. When the equivalent of 5 tonnes per day is tipped in at Albury, we have an extra 5 tonnes of salt and toxic chemicals in our river per day.

At the 'dead end' of Elmsley Lane Walla Walla, this pump drains water from 8 metres and into the pool at Billabong Creek, 100 metres to the north.

The 'Pump' at the end of Elmsley Lane Walla Walla

"The pump" is beside the electricity pole seen in the background. The water is pumped from 80m down and pumped into a pool in Billabong Creek.

Facing south. The 6" plastic pipe to carry water into a pool in the Billabong Creek.

Water to be pupmed through 6" plastic pipe into pool in Billabong Creek. the Creek is not running (Has not run for 6 years). The pump was not going when this shot was taken in mid July 2010.

Water is pumped into the Billabong Creek here.

Water is pumped into the Billabong Creek here.

Water is pumped into the Billabong Creek here.

Facing north. Water is drawn from 80 metres and pumped into a pool in the Billabong Creek.

The area has had good rains. The grass is green. Billabong creek is a series of waterholes but still not running.