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October 2016

Mirvac Development of old Eastern Golf Course


November 2016: Since exposing Mirvac on this website last month, the company has installed this fence screening to try and hide their latest handiwork from prying eyes.

October 2015 Google Earth image: In 2011 Mirvac purchased the Eastern Golf Club site at Doncaster for $100m. A new housing development is currently being constructed. The new estate is called Tullamore Local residents fought for a few years in opposing Mirvac, but what hope did they really have? Environmental groups also opposed the site of the translocated Eastern Golf Course, one km upstream from Melbourne's drinking water supply on the Yarra River.

Eastern Golf Course in 2014. Hundreds of trees have already been taken.

November 2016: Mount Mirvac now has sediment controls around its base.

November 2016: Mirvac have been busy destroying hundreds of trees.

November 2016: Old growth trees have also been destroyed.

November 2016: Massive pile of woodchips from the chainsaw carnage. No excuses.

November 2016: More carnage. Neighbours must really enjoy this view.

November 2016: The view from Doncaster's latest landmark, Mount Mirvac.

November 2016: A row of pine trees has also got the chop.

In October 2016, this site was observed from Doncaster Road at the southern end of the old Eastern Golf Course. A sediment pile probably 100 feet high. Bad Developers decided to come out of retirement to have a quick look at this monstrosity.

A close up of the sediment pile. The real test for this pile would be during heavy rainfall and what sediment controls were in place to stop sediment running off the site into stormwater or sensitove areas?

Mount Mirvac, Doncasters' newest tourist attraction.

Sediment control measures can be seen in this photo, but this track and piles of fill had been located inside the area which was supposed to be protected from sediment in the first place.

Ineffectual sediment control measures. Soil has been dumped on top of this Sediment Control fence, with vehicles driving over where it should be. The fence was obviously constructed for a reason, most likely to stop sediment from leaving sediment pile and running off into drainage line nearby.

Close up of almost totally inundated sediment fence

This dumped soil and vehicle access route have been dumped outside of the area supposed to have been "protected:" by the sediment fence

Drainage line just down from Mount Mivas. Note the large pile of sediment in the foreground which is not supposed to be there.

Drainage line already caked with sediment

Is this what the sediment fences were supposed to be protecting?

If so, then why have piles of soil also been dumped here?

Hundreds of trees have or will be cut down to construct Tullamore. Large piles of woodchips visible here.


Soil dumped within canopy cover of these doomed trees

Sediment washing over ineffectual sediment fence.

View looking north into the development from Doncaster Road