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March 16 2015: Grandmother 91 Chains Herself to Tree in Victoria's West to Protest Roadworks

March 16 2015: Grandmother 91 Chains Herself to Tree Near Buangor to Protest Roadworks

January 23 2015: Environmental Impact of Western Highway Works A Concern

December 19 2013: Tree Cull Ahead

Herbicides Used by Vicroads throughout Victoria on roadside verges

October 2006: Roadside spraying in very close proximity to Middle Creek in the Strzelecki Ranges

April 2007: Roadside spraying, several metres from road, W-Tree East Gippsland.

Metropolitan North West Region

Banvel 200 (200g/L Dicamba), Glyphosate Roundup Power Max (500g/L Glyphosate), Roundup Biactive (360g/L Glyphosate), Roundup (480g/L Glyphosate), MCPA (500g/L MCPA), Wipeout 450 (450g/L Glyphosate), Kenock 20L ?, Red Eye ?, Ripper (480g/L Glyphosate), Esteem (600g/kg Metsulfuron Methyl), Starane (200g/L Fluroxypyr), Cargarlon ?, Endorese ? Fungicide, BS1000 (surfactant), Kamba (500g/L Dicamba), Verdict (520g/L Haloxyfop), Brush Off (600g/kg Metsulfuron Methyl), Fusilade forte (Fluazifop-P-butyl), Garlon (600g/L Triclopyr), Lontrel (300g/L Clopyralid), Starane Advanced (333g/L Fluroxypyr).

South West Region

Garlon (600g/L Triclopyr), Roundup Powermax (500g/L Glyphosate), Taskforce Marker Dye, Roundup Powermax (500g/L Glyphosate), Pulse Penetrant, Brush Off (600g/kg Metsulfuron Methyl), MCPA (500g/L MCPA), Agritone (750g/L MCPA), Grazon (300g/L Triclopyr, 100g/L Picloram), Affinity (400g/L Carfentrazone-Ethyl), Roundup Biactive (360g/L Glyphosate).

Northern Region

Access (240g/L Triclopyr, 120g/L Picloram), Brushoff (600g/kg Metsulfuron Methyl), 2,4-D, Garlon (600g/L Triclopyr), Allfire Ricochet (300g/L 2,4-D, 75g/L Picloram), Commander 75 D (75g/L Picloram, 2,4-D 300g/L), Grazon Extra (8g/L Aminopyralid, 100g/L picloram, 300g/L tricolpyr), Pickout Herbicide (300g/L Triclopyr, 100g/L Picloram), Starane Advanced (333g/L Fluroxypyr), MCPA (500g/L MCPA), Tordon 75D (300g/L 2,4-D, 75g/L Picloram), Glyphosate,

Western Region

Grazon (300g/L Triclopyr, 100g/L Picloram), Roundup (480g/L Glyphosate), Glyphosate 450 (450g/L Glyphosate), Alley Dye

North East Region

Grazon (300g/L Triclopyr, 100g/L Picloram), Roundup (480g/L Glyphosate), Brushoff (600g/kg Metsulfuron Methyl).

Metropolitan South East Region

Brush Off (600g/kg Metsulfuron Methyl), Pulse Garlon (600g/L Triclopyr), Roundup (480g/L Glyphosate), Crop Wet, Lontrel (300g/L Clopyralid), Taskforce (745g/L Flupropanate), Tackle (750g/L Chlorsulfuron), Kamba M (340g/L MCPA, 80g/L Dicamba), Amitrole, Tetrafluoropropanate.

Eastern Region

Access (240g/L Triclopyr, 120g/L Picloram), Taskforce (745g/L Flupropanate), Brushoff (600g/kg Metsulfuron Methyl), 2,4-D, Garlon 600 (600g/L Triclopyr), Allfire Richochet (300g/L 2,4-D, 75g/L Picloram), Commander 75D (75g/L Picloram, 2,4-D 300g/L), Grazon Extra (8g/L Aminopyralid, 100g/L picloram, 300g/L tricolpyr), Starane Advanced (333g/L Fluroxypyr), MCPA (500g/L MCPA), Tordon 75D (300g/L 2,4-D, 75g/L Picloram), Glyphosate Products

Vicroads Environmental Incident Report

28/4/06: Yarra Blvd. Innappropriate Herbicide Spraying. Reported by Friends of Yarra Group via PITS. Extent of damage = 1.4km x 1.5m area sprayed and estimated no. of plants killed 15,000. This section of Yarra Blvd is closed to traffic. It appears Contractor has sprayed out section of old footpath.

18/6/07: Wimmera Highway. On 18/6/07 a Sub Contractor for VicRoads Road Services (Wilkin Environmental Services) undertook spraying of regrowth on the Wimmera High in which spray drift caused off target damage to native vegetation and a small part of an adjoining landowners crop (<50sqm). The spraying of regrowth within road reserves is part of VicRoads Road Services obligation under the 06/08 Routine Maintenance SLA.

On notification of the incident a meeting between VicRoads Road Services, Wilkin Environmental Services and VicRoads was convened on the 28/8/07. During the meeting VicRoads Roads Services presented a Non Conformance Report with Wilkin Environmental Services. Wilkin Environmental Services Chemical Spray Record indicates that the Roundup/Grazon mix was applied via a hand lance and ute mounted boom with wind speeds measured to be 15km/hr. It should be noted that application of spray in 15km/hr winds is within the 18km/hr maximum stated in Wilkin Environmental Services Operating Procedure, along with this spraying of regrowth on the 18/6/2007 was undertaken along numerous sections of the Wimmera Hwy and this is the only area known to have caused off target damage.

2/8/07: Herbicide Spraying - Echuca-Mitiamo Rd. An ETS was received at Vicroads on 9th August 2007 regarding herbicide drifting into a nearby paddock causing some damage to a barley crop following recent weed spraying around guideposts by City Wide. City Wide was notified and admitted that weed spraying had been undertaken at the above location in the week prior to the notification of the incident.

15/9/09: Calder Highway. Northern Weed Control staff were to be spraying 13km of bridal creeper on the Calder Highway each side of Wedderburn, but through incorrect identification methods, clematis microphylla (Old Man's Beard) was sprayed using "Brush Off"... This section of the Calder Highway is identified as an area of Significant Roadside Vegetation and because of their actions some off-target damage may have occurred, but due to the mode of herbicide action the effects may take 4 weeks to show...

12/1/10: Great Alpine Road. Contractor (4 Site Australia Pty Ltd) was using triclopyr-based product for English Broom control in temperatures approaching 40 degrees and in strong wind (40kph?) on a Code Red day. Although effectiveness of herbicide in such conditions is questionable, there is potential for damage to orchard trees.

27/5/10: Innappropriate Herbicide Application - Heidelberg Kinglake Rd. Report received from third party that roadside herbicide application had occurred during a rain event on the morning of 27/5/10.


also see Omeo Hwy June 08

Macquarie Perch facing extinction. Silt Kills Native Fish

For more information on native fish of the Yarra see here

September 2004: Images of very poor sediment control on Eltham Yarra Glen Road by Vicroads. Each image reveals issues pertaining to high siltation inputs into Watsons Creek by Vicroads.



Above: Recent destruction of roadside vegetation occurring. This destruction is occurring largely to facilitate the movement of more logs trucks from the Central Highlands to Geelong export woodchip mills.

Dec 03: More recent destruction of old box trees for this controversial road widening.

Dec 03: Woodchipped and left by the side of the road. Ex habitat trees aligning Eltham - Yarra Glen Road. These chips will be used as mulch in the replanting. Will the orchids be mulched too?

Vicroads work station located in very close proximity to Watsons Creek. Although the work station has hay bales surrounding the facility, in the event of an accident involving petroleum etc the hay bales may be ineffective.

Road fill stored very close to the Yarra Glen Road and Watsons Creek. In the event of heavy rainfall a great deal of sediment could be washed into Watsons Creek and possibly the Yarra River threatening the population of Macquarie Perch, Australian Grayling and other species that inhabit the Yarra.

More sediment piles with appropriate silt protection measures.


Silt trap knocked over by a piece of bark!


SITE 2 - Eltham - on the eastern outskirts of Melbourne

VicRoads plans to widen this road primarily to facillitate the movement of log trucks between the Central Highlands and the Midways woodchip export facility via the Western Ring road and the Princes Highway. The area where these photos were taken contains many rare species including endangered orchids. More than 125 species of plants have been recorded along this roadside area alongside Eltham-Yarra Glen Road. The road widening will also generate a large amount of sediment which will most likely runoff into Watsons Creek which then feeds into the endangered Macquarie Perch spawning grounds at the Bend of Islands on the Yarra River.

Trees marked with red tape are likely to be destroyed.

More Vicroads Carnage Tambo River - Omeo Highway June 2008