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Coal Holes Australia April 2012

Google Earth Images from 2007

New South Wales Coal Holes On Another Page

Queensland: 54* Operating Coal Holes (Open Cuts), with 13 more on the drawing board.

red dots (existing mines), green dots (mines on the drawing board)

5. Burton [Peabody Energy], 10. Collinsville [Xstrata], 19. Eastern Creek [Xstrata], 19a. Eastern Creek [Xstrata], 24. Goonyella, 26. Hail Creek [Rio Tinto], 42. North Goonyella & Eaglefield [Peabody Energy], 49. Sonama [Sonoma], 51. Suttor Creek [Xstrata],

1. Baralaba [Cockatoo Coal/Posco], 2. Blackwater [BHP], 3. Blair Athol [Rio Tinto], 4. Boundary Hill [Anglo Coal], 6. Callide [Anglo Coal], 8. Carborough Downs [Vale Australia], 9. Clermont [Rio Tinto], 12. Cook [Xstrata], 13. Coppabella [Macarthur Coal], 14. Crinum [BHP], 15. Curragh [Wesfarmers], 16. Curragh North [Wesfarmers], 19. Eastern Creek [Xstrata], 20. Ensham [Ensham Resources], 21. Foxleigh [Anglo Coal], 22. German Creek [Anglo Coal], 23. German Creek East [Anglo Coal], 24. Goonyalla [BHP], 25. Gregory [BHP], 27. Isaac Plains [Aquila Resources], 29. Jellinbah East [Jellingbah], 30. Kestrel [Rio Tinto], 32. Lake Lindsay [Anglo Coal], 33. Lake Vermont [Jellingbah], 35. Middlemount [Macarthur Coal], 36. Millenium [Peabody Energy], 37. Minerva [Felix Resources], 38. Moorvale [Macarthur Coal], 39. Moranbah North [Anglo Coal], 43. Norwich Park [BHP], 44. Oaky Creek [Xstrata], 45. Peak Downs [BHP], 46. Poitrel [BHP], 47. Rolleston [Xstrata], 48. Saraji [BHP], 50. South Walker Creek [BHP/Kemmis Walker], 53. Yarrabee [Felix Resources]

7. Cameby Downs [Syntech Resources], 11. Commodore [Huaneng Power], 17. Dawson [Anglo Coal], 18. Dawson South [Anglo Coal], 28. Jeebropilly [New Hope Coal], 31. Kogan Creek [CS Energy], 34. Meandu [Tarong Energy], 40. New Acland [New Hope Coal], 41. New Oakleigh [New Hope Coal], 52. Wilkie Creek [Peabody Energy],

Company Mines
Anglo Coal 4,6,17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 32, 39
Aquila Resources 27
BHP/Mitsubishi Alliance 2, 14, 24, 25, 43, 45, 46, 48, 50
Cockatoo Coal 1
CS Energy 31
Ensham Resources 20
Felix Resources 37, 53
Jellingbah 29, 33
Huaneng Power International 11
Kemmis Walker 50
Lake Vermont 33
Macarthur Coal 13, 35, 38
New Hope Coal 28, 40, 41
Peabody Energy 5, 36, 42, 52
Posco 1
Rio Tinto 3, 9, 26, 30
Sonama 49
Syntech Resources 7
Tarong Energy 34
Vale Australia 8
Wesfarmers 15, 16
X-Strata 10, 12, 19, 19a, 44, 47, 51


10. Collinsville Coal Mine

Owners: X-Strata Coal (55%)/Itochu Coal (35%)/Sumitomo(10%)


Location: 3km west of Collinsville, 161km north west Mackay

49. Sonoma Coal Mine

Owners: QCoal Sonoma Pty Ltd/Cliffs Natural Resources Inc/JFE Steel Group/China Steel/Wotami Trading

Established 2007: 170million tonne resource (Shipped from Bowen)


Location: 6.5km south of Collinsville, 149.5km north west Mackay

19. Eastern Creek Coal Mine

Owners: X-Strata

Established 1983


Location: 19.2km north west of Glenden, 121km west of Mackay

19a. Eastern Creek

Owners: X-Strata Coal


Location: 26km north west Glenden, 133km west of Mackay


51. Suttor Creek

Owners: X-Strata Coal


Location: 20km west of Glenden, 134 west of Mackay


26. Hail Creek

Owners: Rio Tinto


31.6km south east of Glenden, 92.13km south west of Mackay

5. Burton

Owners: Peabody Energy


Location: 5km east of Burton, 122km south west of Mackay

42. North Goonyella & Eaglefield

Owners: Peabody Energy

Mining commenced at North Goonyella in 1994 and Peabody acquired the operation in 2004. Coal is exported through Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal, south of Mackay to Japan, Asia, India and Europe.


Location: 21km south west of Burton, 145km south west of Mackay

24. Goonyella

Owners: BHP Billiton/Mitsubishi Alliance


Location: 27km south west of Burton, 146km south west of Mackay

39. Moranbah North

Owners: Anglo Coal Australia Pty Ltd


Location: 17km north west of Moranbah, 151km south west of Mackay

27. Issac Plains

Owners: Aquila Resources Ltd


Location 8km north east of Moranbah, 143 km south west of Mackay

50. South Walker Creek

Owners: Kemmis-Walker/BHP Billiton/Mitsubishi Alliance


Location: 18km north east of Coppabella, 120km south west of Mackay

13. Coppabella

Owners: Macarthur Coal Pty Ltd


Location: 10km north east of Coppabella, 120km south west of Mackay


8. Carborough Downs

Owners: Vale Australia (subsidiary of Brazilian company Vale, the second largest mining company in the world).


Location: 17km south west of Coppabella, 135km south west of Mackay

36. Millenium

Owners: Peabody Energy


Location: 15km south west of Coppabella, 135km south west of Mackay

46. Poitrel

Owners: BHP Billiton/Mitsubishi Alliance


Location: 18km south west of Coppabella, 137km south west of Mackay

38. Moorvale

Owners: Macarthur Coal Ltd


Location: 9km south east Coppabella, 125km south west of Mackay

45. Peak Downs

Owners: BHP Billiton/Mitsubishi Alliance


Location: 45km north of Dysart, 160km south west of Mackay

48. Saraji

Owners: BHP Billiton/Mitsubish Alliance


Location: 32km in length! 10km north of Dystart, 166km south west of Mackay


33. Lake Vermont

Owners: Lake Vermont Pty Ltd (Lake Vermont Joint Venture: Jellinbah Group 70%, Marubeni Coal 10%, Sojitz Coal 10%, AMCI 10%)

? Start up date 2007.

Location: 20km north east of Dysart, 166km south west of Mackay


43. Norwich Park

Owners: BHP Billiton/Mitsubishi Alliance


Location: 5km south east of Dysart, 180km south west of Mackay

April 12 2012: BHP Fights Strikes As Mine Shut


9. Clermont

Owners: Rio Tinto

Construction started 2007, first coal shipment 2010?

Location: 15km north of Clermont, 233km south west of Mackay.=

3. Blair Athol

Owners: Rio Tinto


Location: 16km north west of Clermont, 241km south west of Mackay

35. Middlemount

Owners: Macarthur Coal

Mining lease aquired 2009, first coal processed September 2010.

Location: 8km southwest of Middlemount, 197km south west of Mackay

22. German Creek + 23. German Creek East

Owners: Anglo Coal Australia Pty Ltd


Location: 18km south west of Middlemount, 205km south west of Mackay

44. Oaky Creek

Owners: X-Strata


Location: 28km south west of Middlemount, 218km south west Mackay

25. Gregory

Owners: BHP Billiton/Mitsubishi Alliance


Location: 51km south west of Middlemount, 236km south west of Mackay

14. Crinum

Owners: BHP Billiton/Mitsubishi Alliance


Location: 54km south west of Middlemount, 239 km south west of Mackay

30. Kestrel

Owners: Rio Tinto


Location: 58km south west of Middlemount, 243km south west of Mackay

20. Ensham

Owners: Ensham Resources


Location: 32km east of Emerald, 205km west of Rockhampton

15. Curragh

Owners: Wesfarmers


Location: 5km north of Blackwater, 170km west of Rockhampton

16. Curragh North

Owners: Wesfarmers

? Start Date 2008

Location: 20km north of Blackwater, 165km west of Rockhampton

29. Jellingbah East

Owners: Jellingbah Resources


Location: 22km north east of Blackwater, 159km west of Rockhampton

53. Yarrabee

Owners: Felix Resources


Location: 36km north east of Blackwater, 152km west of Rockhampton

2. Blackwater

Owners: BHP Billiton/Mitsubishi Alliance


Location: 6km southwest of Blackwater, 175km southwest of Rockhampton

12. Cook

Owners: X-Strata 95%, Tokyo Boeki 5%


Location: 15km south of Blackwater, 170km southwest of Rockhampton

37. Minerva

Owners: Felix Resources/Sojitz


Location: 23km northwest of Springsure, 256km west of Rockhampton

47. Rolleston

Owners: X-Strata


Location: 50km southeast of Springsure, 244km southwest of Rockhampton

1. Baralaba

Owners: Cockatoo Coal Limited (major shareholder Posco Korean Steel company)


Location: 113km southeast of Blackwater, 112km southwest of Rockhampton

4. Boundary Hill

Owners: Anglo Coal Australia Pty Ltd


Location: 21km north of Biloela, 85km south west of Gladstone

6. Callide

Owners: Anglo Coal Australia Pty Ltd


Location: 13km north east of Biloela, 80km south west of Gladstone

17. Dawson (North and Central)

Owners: Anglo Coal Australia Pty Ltd/Mitsui Coal Pty Ltd

6226.9ha (32km long!) First mine to export to Japan

Location: 8km east of Moura, 153km south west of Gladstone

18. Dawson South

Owners: Anglo Coal Australia Pty Ltd

Pit expected to be operating soon

Location: 33km south east of Moura, 167km south west of Gladstone

7. Cameby Downs

Owners: Syntech Resources

Start date: July 2010

Location: 12km north east of Miles, 293km north west Brisbane

31. Kogan Creek

Owners: CS Energy


Location: 8km south west of Brigalow, 233km north west of Brisbane

52. Wilkie Creek

Owners: Peabody Energy


Location: 11km west of Macalister, 197km north west of Brisbane

34. Meandu

Owners: Tarong Energy


Location: 7km north west of Yarraman, 131km north west of Brisbane

40. New Acland

Owners: New Hope Coal


Location: 12km west of Goombungee, 130km west of Brisbane

11. Commodore

Owners: Huaneng Power International


Location: 6km south Millmerran, 180km south west Brisbane

41. New Oakleigh

Owners: New Hope Coal


Location: 2km north west of Rosewood, 47km south west of Brisbane

28. Jeebropilly

Owners: New Hope Coal


Location: 6.5km south east of Rosewood, 41km south west of Brisbane

21. Foxleigh

Owner: Anglo Coal Australia Pty Ltd


Location: 15km southeast of Middlemount, 181km north west of Rockhampton

32. Lake Lindsay

Owner: Anglo Coal Australia Pty Ltd


Location: 19km south of Middlemount, 191km west Rockhampton

Victoria: 5 Operating Coal Holes (Brown Coal)

red=existing coal holes, green=coal projects on drawing board

Anglesea Coal Mine: Provides power to Alcoa Point Henry Aluminium Smelter.

Owners: Alcoa


Hazelwood Coal Mine (Gippsland): Provides domestic power.

Owners: Hazelwood Power Corporation/Energy Brix Australia


Loy Yang Coal Mine (Gippsland). Provides domestic power.

Owners: Powerworks/Loy Yang Power


Maddingley Coal Mine (Bacchus Marsh)

Owners: Department of Primary Industry


Yallourn Coal Mine (Gippsland). Provides Domestic Power.

Owners: TruEnergy/CLP Holdings


Western Australia: 3 Operating Coal Holes

Ewington Coal Mine

Location: 8.8 km east of Collie

Owners: Griffin Coal/Department Industry & Resources



Muja Coal Mine

Location: 16km south east of Collie

Owners: Wesfarmers/Department Industry & Resources



Premier Coal Mine

Location: 12.9km east of Collie

Owners: Griffin Coal




South Australia: 1 Operating Coal Hole

Leigh Creek

Location: 495km north of Adelaide.

Owners: Babcock & Brown (Aust)


Tasmania: 3 Operating Coal Holes


Location: 5km south west of St Marys

Owners: Tasmanian Minerals Council




Location: 5.5km north west of St Marys



Location: 4.7km north west of Hamilton, 55km north west of Hobart.

Owners: Tasmanian Minerals Council