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Coal Holes New South Wales April 2012

Google Earth Images from 2007

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New South Wales: 62 Operating Coal Holes (Open Cuts)

11. Boggabri, 22. Duralie, 33. Moolarben, 39. Narrabri North, 48. Rocglen, 50. Stratford, 51. Sunnyside, 53. Tarrawonga, 55. Ulan, 58. Werris Creek, 62. Wilpinjong

4. Ashton, 5. Austar, 6. Awaba, 8. Bengala, 10. Bloomfield, 12. Bulga, 13.Camberwell, 14.Chain Valley, 18. Cumnock, 20. Donaldson, 21. Drayton, 23. Glendell, 24. Glennies Creek, 25. Hunter Valley Complex, 28. Liddell, 29. Mandalong, 30. Mangoola, 31. Mannering, 34. Mount Arthur, 35. Mount Owen, 36. Mount Thorley, 37. Muswellbrook No2, 38. Myuna, 43. Ravensworth East, 44. Ravensworth Naroma, 45. Ravensworth UG, 46. Ravensworth West, 47. Rixs Creek, 54. Tasman, 56. Wambo, 57. Warkworth, 60. Westside, 61. West Wallsend,

1. Airly, 2. Angus Place, 3. Appin, 7. Baal Bone, 9.Berrima, 15. Charbon, 16. Clarence, 17. Cullen Valley, 19. Dendrobium, 26. Invincible, 27. Ivanhoe North, 32. Metropolitan, 40. NRE No1, 41. NRE Wongawill, 42. Pine Dale, 49.Springvale, 52. Tahmoor, 59. West Cliff,

Company Mines
Anglo American 21
BHP 3, 9, 19, 41, 59
Bloomfield Group 10, 47
Centennial 1, 2, 6, 15, 16, 27, 29, 31, 38, 49
Coal Operations 34
Coalpac 17, 26
Enhance Place 42
Gloucester Coal 20, 22, 50, 54
Idemitsu 11, 37
Lake Coal 14
NRE Coking Coal Pty Ltd 40
Peabody 32, 56, 62
Rio Tinto 8, 25, 36, 57
Vale 13
Whitehaven Coal 39, 48, 51, 53, 58,
X-Strata 7, 12, 18, 23, 28, 30, 35, 43, 44, 45, 46, 52, 55, 60, 61
Yancoal 4, 5, 33



58. Werris Creek

Owners: Whitehaven Coal


Location: 44km south west of Tamworth, 200km north west of Newcastle


39. Narrabri North

Owners: Whitehaven Coal

Started June 2010.

Location: 28km south east of Narrabri, 316km north west of Newcastle


11. Boggabri

Owners: Idemitsu (Subsidiary of Japanese company Idemitsu Kosan Co Ltd)

417.7ha First coal produced October 2007.

Location: 15km north east of Boggabri, 297km north west of Newcastle


53. Tarrawonga

Owners: Whitehaven Coal 70%/Idemitsu 30%

303ha Open mine commenced 2006

Location: 16km north east of Boggabri, 295km north west of Newcastle


48. Rocglen

Owners: Whitehaven Coal

Coal production commenced 2008

Location: 28km north of Gunnedah, 290km north west of Newcastle


51. Sunnyside

Owners: Whitehaven Coal

Project approved October 2008

Location: 15km west of Gunnedah, 270km north west of Newcastle


55. Ulan

Owners: X-Strata


Location: 24km north east of Gulgong, 203km north west of Newcastle


33. Moolarben

Owners: Yancoal Australia (80%)

Project Approval 6 September 2007

Location: 24km north east of Gulgong, 201km north west of Newcastle


62. Wilpinjong

Owners: Thiess/Peabody

First coal left site late 2006

Location: 33km east of Gulgong, 187km north west of Newcastle


50. Stratford

Owner: Gloucester Coal


Location: 12km south of Gloucester, 90km north of Newcastle


22. Duralie

Owner: Gloucester Coal


Location: 32km south of Gloucester, 70km north of Newcastle


15. Charbon

Owner: Centennial Coal


Location: 2.5km north east of Clandulla, 167km west of Newcastle


1. Airly

Owner: Centennial Coal


Location: 4.6km north east of Capertree, 166km east of Newcastle


7. Baal Bone

Owner: X-Strata


Location: 3.36km north west of Cullen Bullen, 166km south west of Newcastle


17. Cullen Valley

Owner: Coalpac

43.58ha. Coalpac is seeking approval to expand this mine.

Location: 700m north west of Cullen Bullen, 170km south west of Newcastle


42. Pine Dale

Owner: Enhance Place Pty Ltd


Location: 2km south east of Cullen Bullen, 167km south west of Newcastle


26. Invincible

Owner: Coalpac

Coalpac is seeking approval to expand this mine..

Location: 3km south of Cullen Bullen, 168km south west of Newcastle


27. Ivanhoe North

Owner: Centennial Coal Pty Ltd

179.89ha - near Mt Piper Power Station

Location: 6km east of Portland, 169km south west of Newcastle


49. Springvale

Owner: Centennial Coal Pty Ltd

Underground Coal Mine


Location: 600m east of Lidsdale, 165km south west of Newcastle


16. Clarence

Owner: Centennial Coal Pty Ltd


Location: 8km north west of Lithgow, 155km south west Newcastle


2. Angus Place

Owner: Centennial Coal Pty Ltd

Underground Coal Mine


Location: 13km north of Lithgow,


37. Muswellbrook No2

Owner: 100% Idemitsu Australia Resources Pty Ltd


Location: 3km east of Muswellbrook, 108km north west of Newcastle



8. Bengala

Owner: Rio Tinto/Coal & Allied


Location: 5km west of Muswellbrook, 113 km north west of Newcastle


30. Mangoola

Owner: X-Strata

Mine currently being established.

Location: 23km west of Muswellbrook, 123km north west of Newcastle


34. Mount Arthur

Owner: Coal Operations Australia Ltd


Location: 6km south west of Musswellbrook, 109km north west of Newcastle


21. Drayton

Owner: Anglo American


Location: 10km south west of Musswellbrook, 102km north west of Newcastle


28. Liddell

Owner: X-Strata


Location: 17km south east of Musswellbrook, 93km north west of Newcastle


35. Mt Owen

Owner: X-Strata (former Hunter Valley Coal Corporation)


Location: 24km south east of Musswellbrook, 86km north west of Newcastle



43. Ravensworth East

Owner: X-Strata


Location: 24km south east of Musswellbrook, 85km north west of Newcastle


46. Ravensworth West

Owner: X-Strata


Location: 20km south east of Musswellbrook, 92km north west of Newcastle


45. Ravensworth UG

Owner: X-Strata

Underground Mine

Location: 24km south east of Musswellbrook, 89km north west of Newcastle


18. Cumnock

Owner: X-Strata

ex Underground Mine

Location: 18km south east of Musswellbrook, 94km north west of Newcastle


44. Ravensworth Naroma

Owner: X-Strata/Iluka Resources


Location: 26km south east of Muswellbrook, 86km north west of Newcastle


25. Hunter Valley Complex

Owners: Rio Tinto/Coal & Allied


Location: 30km south east of Musswellbrook, 83km north west of Newcastle


56. Wambo

Owner: Peabody Energy


Location: 34km south east of Musswellbrook, 82km north west of Newcastle


57. Warkworth

Owners: Rio Tinto/Coal & Allied


Location: 40km south east of Muswellbrook, 72km northwest of Newcastle


36. Mt Thorley

Owners: Rio Tinto/Coal & Allied


Location: 46.5km south east of Musswellbrook, 69km north west of Newcastle


12. Bulga

Owner: X-Strata


Location: 52km south east of Musswellbrook, 67km north west of Newcastle


23. Glendell

Owner: X-Strata


Location: 28km south east of Musswellbrook, 82km north west of Newcastle


4. Ashton

Owner: Yancoal (90%)/Itochu 10%

Opened 2006?

Location: 29km south east of Musswellbrook, 83km north west of Newcastle


24. Glennies Creek

Owner: AMCI/Consol Energy/JFE Holdings/Nippon Oil/Nippon Steel/Posco/Toyota/Vale


Location: 10km north west of Singleton, 77km north west of Newcastle


13. Camberwell

Owner: Vale?


Location: 7km north west of Singleton, 76km north west of Newcastle


47. Rixs Creek

Owner: The Bloomfield Group


Location: 4km north west of Singleton, 75km north west of Newcastle



5. Austar

Owner: Yancoal

Underground Mine


Location: 2.5km south west of Bellbird, 45km west of Newcastle


10. Bloomfield

Owner: The Bloomfield Group


Location: 6km south east of Maitland, 23km north west of Newcastle


20. Donaldson

Owner: Gloucester Coal


Location: 3km east of Beresford, 20km north west of Newcastle


54. Tasman

Owner: Gloucester Coal


Location: 5km west of Seahampton, 23km west of Newcastle


60. Westside

Owner: X-Strata


Location: 1.3km south east of Killingworth, 19km west of Newcastle


61. West Wallsend

Owner: X-Strata

46.36ha Underground Mine

Location: 2km west of Boolaroo, 17km east of Newcastle


6. Awaba

Owner: Centennial Coal Pty Ltd

Underground Mine

Location: 1km south west of Awaba, 25km south west of Newcastle


38. Myuna

Owner: Centennial Coal Pty Ltd

Underground Mine

Location: 2km west of Wangi Wangi, 24km south west of Newcastle


29. Mandalong

Owner: Centennial Coal Pty Ltd

Longwall Mining Commenced 2005

Location: 2km east of Mandalong, 39km south west of Newcastle


14. Chain Valley

Owner: Lake Coal Pty Ltd

Underground Mine 4.86ha

Location: 1km south east of Mannering Park, 34km south west of Newcastle (next to Vales Point Power Station)


31. Mannering

Owner: Centennial Coal Pty Ltd

Underground mine.

Location: 2km north east of San Remo, 38km south west of Newcastle (next to Munmorah Power Station)


32. Metropolitan

Owner: Peabody Energy

Underground Mine: 8.4ha

Location: 1.5km north east Helensburg, 28km north east of Wollongong


3. Appin

Owner: BHP (Illawarra Coal)

Underground Mine

Location: 1km south east of Appin, 25km north west of Wollongong


59. West Cliff

Owner: BHP (Illawarra Coal)


Location: 4km south east of Appin, 23km north west of Wollongong


52. Tahmoor

Owner: X-Strata


Location: 3km south of Tahmoor, 33km north west of Wollongong


40. NRE No1

Owner: Gujarat NRE Coking Coal Pty Ltd

Longwall Mining. Restarted 2010

Location: 3km west of Woonona, 10km north of Wollongong


19. Dendrobium

Owner: BHP Billiton

Underground Mine. Mining started in 2005.

Location: South side of Lake Cordeaux, 13km north west of Wollongong.


41. NRE Wongawill

Owners: BHP (Illawarra Coal)/Gujurat NRE

3.15ha Underground Mine

Location: 2km north east of Horsely, 14km south west of Wollongong


9. Berrima

Owners: BHP (Illawarra Coal)

Underground Mine

Location: 7km east of Berrima, 59km east of Wollongong