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Henley Golf Course


See Here for Information on PONZI Schemes like this and how they suck money from unsuspecting 'victims'.

Receivers Called In!!!

Look What Australian Securities and Investment Comission Says About Mr Letten's Companies

February 27 2010 (Age Article): Receivers Appointed For Property Schemes

In 2004 we labelled this development a WHITE ELEPHANT

We also tried to warn authorities about the impending salt water problems that would be associated with this development.

According to the Golf Course itself in late 2009: "In summary the water supplies the Sodium and Chloride to the soil and sand profiles, and then strips the soil / sand of the nutrient used to treat the imbalance".

December 2005 Updates

Henley Home Page Here

November 2005 Updates Here

December 18, 2005: Sunset for the Yarra River swansong?

December 18, 2005: Contractors have been busy. Aiming to have course construction completed by February 2006.

December 18, 2005: Recent cut into Levee bank surrounding Lake E. A new 8 hectare extension is being constructed to this natural wetland. Turbidity levels in the existing lake will naturally skyrocket, when highly turbid construction water makes its way into this wetland. Essentially Lake E will be sacrificed. It is dubious whether Lake E water quaility has significantly improved since the December 2004 pollution incident. Note Lake O in the background whose water quality is also showing increases in suspended solids and salt.

December 2, 2005: Where Lake E meets the Yarra River, showing clear plume of sediment tainted water entering the River. Much of this sediment was most likely generated in the December 2004 pollution incident. Yarra Valley Golf was forced by the EPA to close off this access point in December 2004, only to have to reopen the access point later in 2005. Lake E will essentially become a sediment trap for the new lake being constructed on the floodplain, meaning that high volumes of sediment tainted water could easily reach the Yarra River through this point. The barrier will have to be reinstalled and it is highly likely that Lake E will remain heavily polluted with construction sediment for some years. Turbidity levels in Lake E reached 99 NTU's during November, over 500% higher than the Yarra River.

December 2, 2005: Where Lake E meets the Yarra River. Clear proof that sediment tainted water of less quality than the Yarra River is still leaching into the river, during Macquarie Perch spawning time. Is this illegal?

December 2, 2005: Note piles of sediment that have washed up against the deconstructed barrier of Lake E. Much of this sediment will most likely end up in the Yarra River.

December 18, 2005: Close up of recent cut into Lake E levee bank. Will a pipe be installed here to drain water from Lake E extension?

December 18, 2005: Lake A. Note quality of water in this lake. Turbidity of water in this Lake has been consistently between 800 and 900 NTU's during October and November 2005.

December 18, 2005: Lake E showing construction in background. The Lake E catchment will significantly increase because of the addition 8 hectares or artificial lake which will drain into this naturally occurring Lake. We expect high levels of sediment tainted water to further pollute Lake E over the following months.

December 18, 2005: Lake E, showing (A) where recent excavation has occurred and (B) the approximate location of the old pipe that flowed thick with polluted tainted water in December 2004.

December 18, 2005: One solution to the polluted water in the Lakes is to simply pipe it into the Yarra. Between August and October 2005, about 40,000 cubic metres of water was discharged by the golf course into the Yarra River, after it was first 'treated' by pumping it into existing natural wetlands to let the construction sediment settle. To what extent has pollution occurred in other wetlands on this site due to decantered construction water? We'll probably never know as results if they were taken will not be publicly released.

December 18, 2005: The Lake E extension starting to fill with water.

December 18, 2005: More pipe lieing next to Lake E extension only 30 metres from the Yarra.

December 18, 2005: Lake E with soil dump in background.

December 18, 2005: More stunning views.

Dec 15, 2005: Works on the floodplain near Lake E. Three golf holes will be constructed in this highly sensitive area, plus the excavation of an 8 hectare lake.

Ex Yarra Valley Golf Pty Ltd director and company secretary ends up in 'hot water'.

Update January 2008

"05-376 Bankrupt property developer faces charges over multi-million dollar investment scheme

Friday 2 December 2005 The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has laid a further 21 charges against Mr Mark Andrew Cyril Stanley, of Middle Park, Melbourne, in the Melbourne Magistrates Court. ASIC alleges Mr Stanley stole approximately $3.48 million from 26 investors who paid money to companies controlled by him on the understanding that the money would be used to buy land in Berwick, Victoria, from Primelife Corporation Ltd (Primelife).

This land was then to be developed into a retirement village in conjunction with Primelife. The proposed sale of the property by Primelife and joint venture development did not proceed.

Mr Stanley is also charged with one count of dishonest conduct with respect to the carrying on of a financial services business.

ASIC alleges that he knowingly made misrepresentations to Primelife with respect to funds that had been raised to settle on the purchase of the land and provided false documentation in support of those misrepresentations.

The matter was adjourned to 6 February 2006 for mention in the Melbourne Magistrates Court. This matter is being prosecuted by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions.

Background On 3 August 2005, Mr Stanley was also charged by ASIC with stealing funds from St Leonards Property Pty Ltd (St Leonards) a property development in Crow's Nest of which he was a director. The charges allege Mr Stanley stole funds totalling $413,000 from St Leonards for purposes unrelated to the company. Mr Stanley is due to face a committal hearing on these charges on 6 February 2006."

Source above: Australian Securities and Investment Website

December 15 2005: Works continuing near Yarra River.

Sunday Age December 11, 2005 p6

Developer charged with stealing $3.8 million by Mark Russell

"Flamboyant property developer Mark Stanley was robbed at gunpoint in his South Yarra mansion almost eight years ago by bandits who bound, gagged and blindfolded him before stealing his art collection worth more than half a million dollars.

Today he is bankrupt and facing a string of theft and fraud charges after an investigation by Australia's corporate watchdog, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Stanley, a former high-flying businessman rumoured to have splurged $200,000 on his 40th birthday party, appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court last week accused of stealing about $3.8 million from investors.

He was charged with 20 counts of theft alleging he stole the money from 26 people who had invested in a proposed retirement village at Berwick, 50 kilometres south-east of Melbourne.

The investors allegedly paid the money to two companies Stanley controlled - Casey Downs Retirement Villages and Ambridge Retirement Management Services - believing the funds would be used to buy land for the development from Primelife Corporation.

The proposed sale and the joint venture with Primelife never went ahead. Primelife is proceeding with the 253-unit development on its own.

Well known on the Sydney social scene and with many high profile friends, including celebrity hairdresser Joh Bailey and designer Peter Morrisey, Stanley 44, was also charged with one count of dishonet conduct when operating a financial services business.

ASIC claims he knowingly provided false documentation to Primelife about the funds raised to buy the land.

More than $5 million was invested in the development between March 2003 and March 2004 after Stanley allegedly told investors that when the retirement village was built, they would receive a full refund on their investment and interest payments of 13 per cent a year.

When the land sale fell through, some of the investors' funds were returned, but ASIC claims about $3.8 million has disappeared.

Both Stanley's companies were placed into liquidation in August by the Victorian Supreme Court following an application by ASIC.

The case against Stanley, who was declared bankrupt in May owing more than $22 million, is being prosecuted by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions.

Stanley, on bail and living in Middle Park, faces further charges of stealing more than $413,000 from St Leonards Property Pty Ltd when he was a director. The company was involved in the purchase and development of an office block in Sydney's Crows Nest. A committal hearing of the charges will be held in February.

Stanley, a former director of the defunct Sydney gay media and property company Satellite Group, made national headlines in January 1998 when he was a victim of a daring robbery at his mansion in Avoca Street, South Yarra.

He was watching television in his bedroom when three thieves wearing balaclavas broke in and threatened him with a handgun before tying him up and blindfolding him.

They stole nine paintings, including Rupert Bunny's Woman with Rose, circa 1903, valued at $300,000 at the time.

The painting was seriously damaged after the thieves cut it from its frame and rolled it up.

Other stolen works included Fred McCubbin's Hanging Rails for Fence, valued at $45,000; William Dobell's London Boy, $35,000 and Tom Roberts' England Winter, $30,000.

The thieves, who left behind Arthur Streeton's Storm over Macedon, valued at $200,000. and a work by John Brack, later dumped the paintings in a hotel room after failing to sell them. They were never caught."

December 15, 2005: Existing Lake E, which will be extended with the construction of an 8 hectare artificial lake.

Mr Stanley was a director of Yarra Valley Golf Pty Ltd from July 1995 to November 1998. He was also a Director and Company Secretary of The Heritage Golf and Country Club from October 1995 to November 1998. Interestingly Mr Stanley was a Director and Secretary of FBN Investments from November 1980 until around 2003. FBN were 50% shareholders in Yarra Valley Golf.

FBN Investments Pty Ltd (associated with Mark Letten) were listed as shareholders of Yarra Valley Golf Pty Ltd in 2003. The company is now deregistered. F.B.N. Investments Pty Ltd had two directors: Ronald Leslie Kiene and Mark Andrew Stanley. FBN had two shareholders owning one share each. Those shareholders were: Mark Andrew Stanley and Mark Ronald Letten. (Mr Letten has been a long standing director of Yarra Valley Golf and shareholder).

December 15, 2005: Soil being loaded onto tip trucks from Lake E construction area, to be dumped in the construction area of the 10th hole on the western side of the course.

December 15: Construction of 10th hole in foreground and proximity to Yarra River.

December 15, 2005: Works that have occurred behind global sediment bund.

Dec 6: About 10-15 mm of rain fell during the day (between 35-40 mm for the week), turning much of the floodplain works into a 'mudbath'. Flood watch was posted by the Bureau of Meteorology on the Yarra River late on December 2. Thankfully a flood at Henley did not eventuate. This project has received approval from the Federal Government (Environment Australia), State Government (Department of Sustainability and Environment, Melbourne Water, EPA) and local government, Nillumbik Shire. The floodplain lies in the immediate vicinity of possibly the last viable population of Macquarie Perch left in the world. Other Federally listed species that inhabit the Yarra River at this location include the Murray Cod and Australian Grayling. These native fish are extremely sensitive to sedimentation of their habitat. Works have been carried out on the floodplain within 20 metres of the Yarra River. What ever happened to the often mooted Precautionary Principle?

Dec 6: Pumping from Lake X. Pipe hose was scooped from Lake by machine.

Dec 6: Pumping from Lake X. Pipe hose was scooped from Lake and then fitted to the pump.

Dec 6: Pumping from Lake X. Pumped water leaving Lake X, probably to Lake A? Water management for this development has been a major headache since heavy rainfall in November 2004. Lake X is situated near western gully and receives water from the catchment containing holes 12 and 13. At the top of this catchment sits Lake L, which has been full of sediment tainted construction water for the past year. Yarra Valley Golf can only discharge construction water into the Yarra River if it is in accordance with the ambient standard for turbidity as recommended in the ANZECC water quality guidelines for the protection of natural ecosystems. This standard is '2 NTU above background where turbidity exceeds 20 NTU. The term 'background turbidity' has the same meaning as the original term 'current ambient condition'.

Dec 6: Western Gully downstream of Lake X. Works on 10th hole in foreground. Works on Lake E extension in background.

Dec 6: Works occurring for Hole 7 and Lake E Extension which will be about 8 hectares in size.


December 2, 2005: About 30mm of rain fell during the day, turning much of the floodplain works into a 'mudbath'.

December 2, 2005: This photo shows recent construction of an 8 hectare artificial lake occurring within 20 metres of the Yarra River. Three golf holes near this lake are also occurring.


December 2, 2005: Ditto.

December 2, 2005: View overlooking recent construction works of artificial Lake in background, which will soon connect up with the Natural (Lake E).

December 2, 2005: Ditto. Water quality from Lake E has not recovered from a pollution incident caused by the company in December 2004.

December 2, 2005: Massive pile of sand ready to be layed for golf course fairways and greens.




December 2, 2005: Yarra River, showing proximity of construction works in the background.

December 2, 2005: Mob of kangaroos grazing on the 13th hole. How many of these roos will be culled by Yarra Valley Golf?

December 2, 2005: Signs of herbicide use near 13th hole. Do roos eat this sprayed grass?

December 2, 2005: Lake at the top of the 13th hole. Obvious signs that that Lake has had quite a large reduction in water volume in the past few weeks. Where was the water pumped to. Much of the water in this Lake is sediment laden water pumped from the construction site.

December 2, 2005: Construction of the 10th hole is also leading to erosion problems.

December 2, 2005: Another view of 10th hole works, showing poor quality construction water leaching into Sediment trap and then overflowing into degraded wetland. The red dot marks where the degraded wetland flows into the Yarra River in times of high river levels. Has construction water entered the Yarra at this point?

December 6, 2005: Turbid runoff from 10th hole construction entering 10th hole sediment trap. Note same colour of water in sediment trap and degraded wetland.

December 2, 2005: 10th hole sediment trap engorged with filthy construction water.

December 2, 2005: Filthy construction water in degraded wetland. How much of this sediment will end up in the Yarra in times of high river levels?

Dec 6: Works on 10th hole filling up with water. Note Yarra River in background.

December 2, 2005: More construction works on south side of the Yarra in the Shire of Yarra Ranges.